Gorm Geier

Hi and thank you for visiting my website.

I am a recent MSc graduate in Quantitative Finance from Cass Business School living in London. I also hold an MSc in Financial Economics and a BSc in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics.

Currently I am looking for a position in Quantitative Finance, where I can fully exploit my skill set and my passions.

At the same time I trade options and equities using quantitative and algorithmic techniques and I am currently starting up my own company in order to fully implement these strategies on a larger scale.

I have a specific passion for volatility and volatility trading, which might be apparent looking at my previous university work, which can be found here. Thus most of my trading also revolves around this. Volatility is particularly interesting to me because of the intricacy and complexity of the drivers behind it. I therefore also enjoy exploring more untraditional branches of finance, such as Quantitative Behavioural Finance, and have been examining for example sentiment analysis with trading in view.

I also have an enormous passion for technology and as such love applying technology to finance. Trying to find some sort of symbiosis between the two is also some of the driving force behind starting my own company.

What is this website about?

My motivation for creating this website is two-fold: firstly it is a way for me to nurture my own interest in Quant Finance and secondly I hope to provide some rough-guides to topics I have found relevant as a graduate in Quant Finance. I will try my hardest to present concepts in an accessible way, since one of the biggest problems I have had with standard literature in this field is over complication that does not add value.

Therefore, I hope this page will provide some hints and tips in terms of practical application of theory and maybe some ideas on trading and finance in general.

And if you ever want to get in touch with me please feel free to contact me through any of the social media links at the bottom of this page or by using the form on my contact page.


Gorm F. Geier